Finding Used College Textbooks for Sale

As college costs have risen, so have the cost of textbooks. A new college textbook can easily cost between $100-$500; even more if it’s purchased at a campus bookstore. As a result, more students are choosing used books, and this has led to an increasing number of online bookstores that offer used college textbooks for sale. A little comparison shopping can result in a used book for less than half the price of a new one, and some students have saved as much as 95%.

This site helps students find extremely cheap used college textbooks for sale with a unique textbook price comparison tool. The student simply keys in any of the following: the book’s ISBN, title, author, or keyword, and the tool searches for the cheapest textbooks available, the condition of the textbook, free shipping offers and other discounts or money-saving deals. Students can select from millions of books for dozens of college courses. In addition to used textbooks, this site can also help students find rental textbooks, and they offer cash for book buybacks.

With over 8 million textbooks available online, this site offers one of the largest sources of used college textbooks for sale, and their overall selection of textbooks also includes new, rentals, e-books, and international texts. This site also offers a free app for both Androids and iPhones, which allows students to download the app and use the site’s search engine for comparison shopping on their smart phones. Additionally, for those students who need their books quickly, this app is GPS integrated, so that any nearby library or bookstore with the needed book will appear in the search.

This site offers new and used college textbooks for sale, in addition to international and digital textbooks. The company claims their unique, trademarked Multi-Item Price Optimization™ will save an average of $225 on multi-item textbook orders (an average of $70, or 66% per book), but this average price includes coupons, promotions, and shipping. Overall, they do advertise 35% to 45% lower prices than other online stores, and 50% cheaper than bookstores. Their Uber-BOT search allows students to choose shipping speed and ignore specific copies or stores, and the price of coupons, promotions, and shipping is totaled up and included in all price comparisons.

Offering over 1 million trade books, professional books, and textbooks, this site claims to have the lowest prices on both new and used college textbooks for sale, and goes on to say that the average student can save up to 92%. They also rent textbooks for 60 days, the quarter, or the semester. They offer fast, free shipping on orders of $25 or more, in addition to free shipping for books being bought back. Their book buyback program offers cash for almost any used textbook in demand, and students only have to print out the free label from the web site to ship their books for free.

This site claims to have “the most college textbooks on the planet”, the largest selection of e-textbooks, and the most college textbooks online. They offer a best price guarantee in competition with that claims to match any lower price for any used or new textbook sold directly from They also offer free shipping on orders over $25, and free shipping when books are purchased directly from them. Every book is hand-inspected, and comes with a 30-day return policy, with cash back guaranteed. Additionally, they offer cash for book buybacks.

With the availability of online textbook marketplaces, there is no longer any reason for students to pay bookstore prices. Whether they are buying textbooks for college, selling their textbooks online, or renting textbooks, comparison shopping with one of these search engines can result in considerable savings for the average student.