The Benefits of Buying Used College Textbooks

Buying used textbooks can decrease the cost of books by half or even less then the retail value of the same book when purchased new. Textbooks are only used for a semester or two, so why spend more money on them than necessary? One of the major benefits of buying used college textbooks is that reselling is a breeze. The owner, not the bookstore, controls how much money they will make; either through a textbook auction online or through a brick-and-mortar sale.

Benefit #1: Almost Everything is Cheaper When Purchased Used

Buying a new textbook can cost literally hundreds of dollars. When used textbooks are purchased, a student can often save at least half or even more of a new book’s retail value. This means $200 books could cost as little as $50 used – all it takes is a little searching online at used textbook web sites. Also, the worse condition the textbook is in, the cheaper it is, and this is another benefit of buying used college textbooks. If a book is only going to be used for a semester it really doesn’t matter if it has highlighted text or pen marks – as long as it can still be used for learning.

Benefit #2: It’s in Your Hands

One of the most important benefits of buying used college textbooks is that all book costs, profits from reselling, and any shipping fees are controlled by the student. A more extensive online search can often result in finding a better deal for the same book that’s more expensive elsewhere. Additionally, determining how much to spend on each textbook, and how much to make with each text when the time comes to resell becomes a personal choice. No more bookstores dictating a dirt-cheap resale price for a textbook that was originally purchased for hundreds of dollars.

Benefit #3: The World Needs Recyclers

Those who are environmentally aware are concerned about the amount of trash and debris that have accumulated on this planet. Additionally, those who are reluctant to add more trash and debris know that buying a used textbook is an excellent way to help conserve the earth’s natural resources and protect its landscape. When consumers purchase used books, there are no trees cut down to provide paper for the book, and the book is being recycled, rather than tossed into a landfill somewhere, where it will gradually decompose over the course of many years.

Benefit #4: Extra Help

When a new textbook is purchased, the pages of the book are clean and unmarked. In addition to being overpriced, new books lack the highlighted text and margin notes of those who have taken the same class. By reading notes added by other students, and focusing on previously-highlighted text, students may actually be provided with a slight edge in a particularly difficult course. Admittedly, not all previous owners of the book will have made notations that are helpful, but reading academic notes made by others can provide a different perspective and may also enhance understanding.

Buying used textbooks is a fantastic way to save money, conserve the earth’s natural landscape, and help rein in college costs. The extra money saved can help with tuition, room and board, or other expenses. Regardless of the reason for doing do, buying used books remains one of the best ways to get the same textbooks at the lowest possible price.